GPS NetWorks is a software package for your GPS control centre. Remote control and monitoring of an unlimited number of reference stations is possible. Data collection and on-line quality control of GPS observables is also offered. GPS NetWorks runs under Windows NT operating system.
GPS NetWorks is based on the control station development for the SATREF network of DGPS reference stations. (SATREF is owned and operated by the Norwegian Mapping Authority.)

Access to status and quality parameters from each individual reference station, is simply done by pointing-and-clicking at the reference station symbol shown in figure a.

GPS NetWorks can be connected to the reference stations using any (or a combination) of the following configurations:

  1. Communication network based on TCP/IP
  2. Modem connection over telephone lines using dial-up or permanent lines
  3. An important part of GPS NetWorks is the alarm server. The alarm server is designed to handle a pre-defined set of alarms divided into three levels. Incidents critical to essential functions in the reference station network will generate high level alarms, while non-critical fault situation will generate lower level alarms.

Figure A: DGPS reference stations in Norway

The graphical user interface of GPS NetWorks can run on one or more computers connected to the main computer by TCP/IP (LAN).

Figure B: Bar Chart for Reference Station Availability

Note: GPS NetWorks is designed to run with Searef GPS Reference stations

Figure C: Reference Station Status

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